Re-shaping structures

These building blocks made of cork, represent a new iteration of an age-old archetype - the brick - as an alternative vision of building in a domestic context.

In "Re-Shaping Structures," Leto returns to the craft of brick making. She plays with the meaning of a brick as an archetype and the leading role this object plays in urban environments. This visual element forms the starting point for an investigation into a new way of building. Leto reflects on how personal environments and spaces can be constructed. A standardized form is applied in a construction system for the familiar interior. Partitions and other interior elements can be constructed in an accessible way and simply taken apart again afterwards.

A residual stream of cork finds its value again in a personalized interior and shows in an innovative way a new relationship with our living environment.

This cork waste stream provided by 'De Werkplaats Monnikenheide'.